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Asphalt & Concrete Cutting Machine Breaker

Asphalt & Concrete Cutting Machine is easy to accomplish if you have the right tools in hand. If a heavy-duty concrete cutter is what you require, then you have come to the right place. We are the main suppliers of Breaker Asphalt & Concrete Cutters within UAE. Extremely handy, they work effectively against all concrete conditions like asphalt pavements, roads, etc. and can ensure excellent quality of cuts at all depths. They are indispensable equipment in the construction of roads and driveways.

  • Practical in all sorts of ways, especially in challenging cutting situations
  • Complete with a removable water tank, various motorizations are also available
  • All asphalt cutter models are equipped with a strong manual accelerator
  • Adjustable cutting depth with blocking system; with manual handwheel to move forward
  • Electric Start

asphalt & concrete CUTTERS

Models: GL5 500, GL 350, GL 600, GL 700, GL 900, GL 1000
Category: Asphalt & Concrete Cutters
Range: GL 350, GL 500, GL600
Cutting a concrete floor is easy to accomplish if you have the right tools in hand. With extensive industry experience, we take pride in offering the best solutions for asphalt and concrete cutting. With a cutting depth ranging from 15cm to 50cm, our machines have proven their durability at construction sites across the region. Our main aim at Modena Machinery Trading LLC is to supply asphalt cutters across the UAE.


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