Steel Bar Cutter Vertro MC 52
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Steel Bar Cutter Vertro MC 52

Steel Bar Cutter from Vertro was founded in the Netherlands in 2015. Our core competencies lie in the manufacturing, designing and distributing construction machinery and equipment such as Steel Bar Cutting Machines. Over these few years, they have served clients within UAE, and across the world in a variety of projects. In addition to their productions, Vertro also shares their decades of expertise with their national and international clients.

  • The MC 52 cutting machine is capable of cutting steel bars up to Ø42mm of 65Kg/m².
  • Maintenance service and spare parts fees are low.
  • This cutting machine is remarkably long-lasting.
  • This semi-automatic Vertro steel cutting machine is capable of Cutting steel bars with its dedicated mechanical high power transmission system.
  • The high-speed machine is able to cut very fast (in 1 second) because of its innovative technology and design.
  • The machine can cut larger diameter rebars with lower kilowatt motors comparing to hydraulic machines.
  • Two years warranty against manufacturing is our standard terms on quality.

steel bar cutter 

Models: HC 50 S , MC 52
Category: Steel Bar Cutting Machines
Range: Can cut from 8mm to 44mm steel bars depends on the model

In the context of machining, a cutting tool or cutter is typically a hardened metal tool that is used to cut, shape, and remove material from a workpiece by means of machining tools as well as abrasive tools by way of shear deformation. The majority of these tools are designed exclusively for metals.



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