Bench Block Cutting Machine Vertro VBC 600H
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Bench Block Cutting Machine Vertro vbc 600h

Bench Block Cutting Machine the most ideal equipment for your purpose. We provide cutting machines for different applications. Whether it is to cut tiles, ceramics, wood or blocks, we can provide you with the most ideal equipment for your purpose. Our advanced range of Vertro Block Cutting Machine are often recommended by industry experts as they ensure precise cutting.

  • Overheat protection with manual reset motors. Sliding working table and tilting cutting head
  • Adjustable goniometric fence
  • Equipped with a submersible pump for cooling the blade
  • Fully solid steel body and frame
  • Masonry saw Ideal for the Building and sector suitable for straight cuts of bricks, proton blocks and all different kind of materials for the building sector


Models: VBC 600H
Category: Bench Block & Stone Cutters
Range: Single Phase - Three Phase
Heavy-duty, versatile and inexpensive machine with an extremely accurate cutting. Mainly suitable to cut masonry blocks.The head slides on two chromium-plated ground bars by means of linear ball-bearings. The cutting head is controlled by traction belts driven by a handwheel positioned by “the operator’s place”.


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