Concrete Mixer with Winch
Concrete Mixer with Winch | Al-Jaddaf, Dubai | Modena Machinery Trading

Lebanese Concrete Mixer with Winch

As trustworthy suppliers of concrete mixers in UAE, we take pride in offering the Lebanese concrete mixers with winch. The machine has numerous benefits associated which includes a simple structure, ease of maintenance, low cost, and high efficiency. This concrete mixer is ideal for small construction sites and is commonly used to mix plastic drying light aggregate concrete and mortar. The machinery uses an electric discharge and can be used in a tilted overturned position. It’s an excellent tool for any construction site.

  • Cement Mixer with a Winch
  • Powered by a Diesel 20 H.P. Double cylinder, air-cooled engine
  • Ready-mix Output: 7 m3/hr
  • Heavy-duty ridged structure
  • Complete set with tilting drum and wheelbarrow


Models: ARZ 650 & ARZ 1000
Category: Concrete Mixers with Winch
Range: 650L & 1000L

The STEPCO concrete mixers are specially designed and manufactured to meet and withstand the harsh environments of the GCC countries.

The key elements that differentiates between mixers is the steel structure of the mixers, the grade of the steel used in production of the machine and the thickness of the steel used.

STEPCO mixers are built to last


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