Concrete Poker Shaft Technoflex Eccentric
Concrete Poker Shaft Technoflex Eccentric | Construction Machine

Concrete Poker Shaft Technoflex Eccentric

Concrete Poker Shaft Technoflex Eccentric from Technoflex was founded in 1972 and quickly positioned itself as a leader in the manufacturing of light construction machinery. Our long experience, business philosophy, and excellent professionalism of our team, we have taken to be a company recognized internationally for the quality of our products and the seriousness in the service. The Eccentric poker shafts work very well with Rabbit Electric Vibrators where it can vibrate up to 12000 rpm. The flexible shaft length was standardized by Modena Machinery Trading LLC request to 6m long for all sizes.

  • Vibration with speed of 12000 RPM
  • High vibration coverage zone from 25cm to 90cm
  • Long life and maintenance free
  • The vibrating needles are composed of an eccentric wiper lever wheel tappet mounted on two bearing pairs special for high speed

Concrete Poker Shaft 

Models: Rabbit 25/6, Rabbit 38/6, Rabbit 45/6 and Rabbit 60/6
Category: Concrete Poker Shaft
Range: 25mm, 38mm, 45mm, 60mm

Powerful pneumatic concrete vibrating pokers work at high frequencies allowing the operator to vibrate large areas quickly.

Where a compressor is available on site, these pokers are the perfect solution.

  • High Frequency, High productivity
  • All parts made from heat treated abrasion resistant steel
  • Two part 'in head' motor, reliable performance
  • Only one wear part, easy maintenance
  • In line oiler, helps avoid internal corrosion and seizing
  • Twist grip throttle, convenient control
  • Quick release coupling


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