Concrete Poker Shaft Toku
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Concrete Poker Shaft Toku

Concrete Poker Shaft Toku from Laku Industries is one of the leading manufacturer of Construction Machinery in Malaysia recognized and acknowledged for the quality and reliability of its products as well as for the commitment, professionalism, and experiences of its employees.
In the year 1981, we started a small-scaled manufacturer producing a selective range of light construction machinery.

  • High quality and performance with well known branded bearings
  • Fast sliding connection system with vibration drive unit
  • Excellent result in heavy duty and continuous job
  • Can be driven by Petrol, Diesel & Electric motor

Concrete Poker Shaft 

Models: TCV 25, TCV 32, TCV 38, TCV 45, TCV 60
Category: Concrete Poker Shaft
Range: 25 mm to 60 mm

Powerful pneumatic concrete vibrating pokers work at high frequencies allowing the operator to vibrate large areas quickly.

Where a compressor is available on site, these pokers are the perfect solution.

  • High Frequency, High productivity
  • All parts made from heat treated abrasion resistant steel
  • Two part 'in head' motor, reliable performance
  • Only one wear part, easy maintenance
  • In line oiler, helps avoid internal corrosion and seizing
  • Twist grip throttle, convenient control
  • Quick release coupling


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