Concrete Poker Shaft Saxon Pneumatic
Concrete Poker Shaft Saxon Pneumatic | Construction Machinery

Concrete Poker Shaft Saxon Pneumatic

Concrete Poker Shaft Saxon Pneumatic the UK origin pneumatic poker shafts are maintenance-free. Provided a big power to obtain the best vibrating of the concrete. There is just only one piece in movement, so the maintenance of this kind of vibrator is reduced to the periodic revision of the palet. The only piece in movement follows a hypocycloidal movement which gives a big amplitude of vibration and an important load capacity. The moving part is hardener treated to guarantee the long life of the system.

  • Powerful high performance and efficient rapid vibration of concrete
  • Trouble-free operation and long life
  • No bearings are incorporated and the rotor is maintenance-free

Concrete Poker Shaft 

Models: VP 35 & VP 45
Category: Concrete Poker Shaft
Range: 35 mm & 45 mm

Powerful pneumatic concrete vibrating pokers work at high frequencies allowing the operator to vibrate large areas quickly.

Where a compressor is available on site, these pokers are the perfect solution.

  • High Frequency, High productivity
  • All parts made from heat treated abrasion resistant steel
  • Two part 'in head' motor, reliable performance
  • Only one wear part, easy maintenance
  • In line oiler, helps avoid internal corrosion and seizing
  • Twist grip throttle, convenient control
  • Quick release coupling


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