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Concrete Skip Bucket Lay Down SkyLift

Concrete Skip Bucket Lay Down is an ideal equipment used to ensure that the cement is poured with high-precision into narrow columns at construction sites in the UAE. Skylift Concrete Skips comprise a lever to control the concrete mix flow. Every concrete bucket is designed and manufactured according to the UNI EN 13155, UNI EN ISO 12100, UNI EN 349, UNI ISO 8686, and UNI EN 10204 international standards to confirm the high strength and durability of the product. We offer these concrete column skips for sale to ensure effective material-handling.

  • European design with heavy duty structure.
  • A flexible hose that is two-meter long.
  • Equipped with heavy duty strong spring for automatic closing of the discharge.
  • Designed to ease the filling from the concrete truck by laying down horizontally.
  • Concrete bucket available in a range of sizes in the UAE to meet the requirements of every client.

Concrete Skip Bucket 

Models: SKL 1000 LD, SKL 1500 LD, SKL 2000 LD, SKL 2500 LD, SKL 3000 LD
Category: Concrete Skip Buckets
Range: 1000L up to 3000L
These buckets present a discharge gate closed automatically by spring retractors with handle-lever and rope to open the gate.
These products are manufactured with various capacities as listed below and can reach over 3000 l capacity on demand. The customer can require specific sizes for the batching plants.


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