Crane Leveling Forks

Crane Leveling Forks

Crane Leveling Forks from Skylift create the ultimate job-site solution for lifting heavy equipment. The automatic weight compensation by compression spring, adjustable fork width, maintenance-free qualities make it a highly sought-after machine. It is available with Safety Net or Safety Cage for the highest safety majors. This heavy lifting equipment is designed and manufactured according to the international standards.

  • Compression spring to automatically counterbalance the weight.
  • Adjustable fork width.
  • Maintenance-free.


Models: SKL 1000 SLF,SKL,1500 SLF,,SKL,2000 SLF,SKL 2500 SKL, SKL 3000 SLF
Category: Crane Leveling Forks
Range: 1000Kg - 3000Kg

Available in many different capacities, standard cranes can hold up to 3000kg. They increase productivity by eliminating manual transportation of goods. These machines adjust themselves depending on the weight added and are flexible to accommodate different weight loads efficiently. It is a simple, well-built, maintenance-free design that is truly self-leveling, further eliminating the guesswork of your load weight. We offer quality levelling forks in UAE with capacities ranging from 1000kg – 3000kg to suit our customer's individual requirements.



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