Curbstone Grab Skylift
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Curbstone Grab Skylift

Curbstone Grab Skylift is a Steel clamp for transporting and placement of curbstones, and edge blocks. It can be handled manually by two people or hocked with a crane. The grab is designed and manufactured as per the international standards: UNI EN 13155:2009, UNI EN ISO 12100:2010, UNI EN 349:2008, UNI ISO 8686-1:2003, UNI EN 10204:2005

  • Can be operated with two men or by a crane
  • Adjustable length from 50mm to 240mm for different size of Curbstones
  • European design and heavy duty
  • Certified and tested by TUV

Curbstone GRAB

Models: SKL 500 CSG
Category: Handling Equipment
Range: 500 Kg
The clamp can be manually operated. The handles are also equipped with 2 lifting eyes. With these lifting eyes, it is possible to attach a 2 legged sling so that the kerb stone handles can be lifted with a lifting device.


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