Curbstone Handle Skylift
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Curbstone Handle Skylift

Curbstone  Handle Skylift can be used manually operated by means of the appropriate side handles and with the crane. The gripper is complying with the international safety standards.

  • Can be operated with two men or by a crane.
  • Adjustable length from 500mm to 1000mm for different size of Curbstones
  • European design and heavy duty.
  • Certified and tested by TUV


Models: SKL 200 KGP
Category: Handling Equipment
Range: 200 Kg

Commonly used in the construction and road maintenance industries, the Manual Curbstone  can be used in both commercial and domestic settings if necessary.

The rubber grips on the Curbstone are also replaceable increasing the expected product life, saving time and money in the future.


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