Diesel Engine Antor AD 510 BS
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Diesel Engines Antor AD 510 BS

Diesel Engines Antor AD 510 BS in UAE operate through Modena Machinery Trading LLC. Anadolu Motor is among the leading companies in the industry with more than 50 years of experience in engine production and marketing. Starting the manufacture of engines under Lombardini license and going on with its own brand “ANTOR”, Anadolu Motor has been exporting to nearly 50 countries, including Italy.

  • Fuel Tank Capacity of Antor Engines is 5 Lt
  • Maximum Power 12 HP
  • Dry Weight is 65 Kg
  • Single Cylinder Air Cooled
  • Various Shaft Type and Application Versions

Diesel Engines Antor 

Models: AD 510 BS
Category: Diesel Engines
Range: 12 HP Cylindrical Shaft & Conical Shaft
Most modern diesel engines use the conventional cylinder and piston arrangement operated with a slider crank mechanism common to other internal combustion engines such as the gasoline engine. Considering this basic mechanism, there is very little difference between the basic structure of diesel and gasoline engines.


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