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Floor Polishing Machine Nuova Mondial Mec

Floor Polishing Machine Nuova Mondial and Polishing Machine for Marble and soft stones, fitting either traditional abrasives or diamond tools. The aluminum base frame, it is the only one equipped with a manual level for back wheels positioned in the center of the machine. Clockwise and anticlockwise motor revolution; Plastic water tank.

  • Grinding & Polishing Machine for marble & soft stones.
  • Aluminium base frame fitting either traditional abrasives or diamond tools.
  • Clockwise and anticlockwise motor revolution.
  • Equipped with manual level for back wheels positioned in the middle of the machine.

Floor Polishing machine 

Models: Gazzella
Category: Floor Polishing Machine
Range: Single & Three Phase
In the first 80’s, Nuova Mondial Mec begun manufacturing the first models of Polishers for Marble and Granite: Pantera, Cicala, Gazzella, Lupessa. In the following years, the Company enlarged  its production becoming a Worldwide Leader in the production of Stone Cutting and Polishing Equipment such as:
Radial and Jump Circular Saws for Masons ( i.e. wide range of Mini Manta, Manta Alluminium, Manta Ed 50 and Manta Ts), Step and Floor Polishers both for Soft and Hard Stones (i.e. Panda, Lupessa, koala, Gazzella, Puma and Pantera ), Stone Slab Saws (i.e. Manta Automatica, Manta Special, Manta Eco and Manta Poker ) a and Tampers and Cutters for Asphalts (i.e. Castoro, Canguro, Grillo )

Also manufactured are Tools, Consumables and Spare Parts for cutting, polishing stones and other materials for use in all types of work (i.e.  Diamond Blades, Motors, Pumps, Honing Heads and  abrasive stones).

Nuova Mondial Mec widespread network of Agents, Dealers and Qualified Technicians are committed to give value customers the service and support they deserve. Nuova Mondial Mec Machines are the best guarantee for a strong and successful business.


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