Fork Tipping Skip Skylift
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Fork Tipping Skip Skylift

Fork Tipping Skip Skylift is primarily for moving materials and facilitating waste management for sites, warehouses, and factories.

  • Standard fixed width fork pockets reduces the need for adjustment of forks.
  • Designed as per to the European standards.
  • Heavy duty with rigid structure.
  • Easy tipping mechanism.

Fork Tipping Skips

Models: SKL 500 ST, SKL 1200 ST
Category: Fork Tipping Skips
Range: 500 Lt - 1200 Lt
Forklift self-tipping skips are the ideal way to transfer materials and rubbish. The forklift self-tipping skip model’s body is manufactured in 3mm mild steel plate. In order to strengthen our tipping skips further and make them more durable we re-enforce the tops of the tipping skips.
All other manufacturers bend the top of the tipping skips sides and backs at a 90 degree angle. We go one step further and force the angle back on itself, creating a strengthened D shape return. It is worth noting that our tipping skips can be transported with one tipping skip inside another.


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