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Lighting Tower Palme

Lighting Tower Palme is useful when you plan to put up a night exhibition or undertake building or road contract works. It can even be used for a wide range of purposes for your business. Construction activities could grind to a halt if the site is poorly lit up. At Modena Machinery Trading LLC, a wide range of towable lighting towers are available, for sale and rent, which you can use to keep your projects running even into nights. We provide lighting towers for all developmental works like construction, mining, events, etc. This is a great way to ensure that you run at maximum efficiency at all times.


  • 9 meters adjustable tower rotates 360 degrees and additional auxiliary power
  • Metal Halide Lamp
  • Less power consumption
  • Easy operation and maneuverability
  • Stabilization legs
  • Lombardini Diesel Engine

Lighting Tower Palme

Models: PK 4022
Category: Lighting Tower
Range: 4000 watt. & 1600 watt.
Tower lights which are also called as light tower or lighting tower products make construction site available to continue work at nights. Tower light generaly works with generator system which containes alternator and engines. Our light tower models are available with gasoline and diesel engine options with alternative engine and alternator brands.
Designed for various applications, from construction sites to outdoor events, our lighting towers offer powerful and reliable illumination. With easy mobility and efficient energy consumption, Palme Lighting Tower ensures visibility and safety in any setting.
Trust in Palme for superior lighting solutions that brighten your projects and events with brilliance.


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