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Loading Platform Static Skylift

Loading Platform Static Skylift is used for moving, loading, and unloading equipment or materials efficiently during construction works. It’s ideal for material-handling at sites with less working height and where maximum clearance is important. The loading platform props are optional, which comes into a structure as a simple propping system between floors. Built using high-quality materials, this material handling equipment can deal with high volume loads.

  • Built to meet size, load, and span requirements with different load-capacity.
  • Two-rail and five-rail configurations, rails can be custom-designed to meet client needs.
  • Certified by TUV Middle East.
  • This loading equipment platform deck can be designed with moisture-resistant floor, open grating, or heavy duty surface that will withstand continuous traffic at the worksite.
Loading Platforms
Models: SKL 200 LPM, SKL 240 LPM, SKL 270 LPM, SKL 350L PM, SKL 450 LPM
Category: Loading Platforms
Range: From 3 ton to 5 Ton Working Load Limit & from 200cm to 450cm Width
This fixed loading deck features a unique design with high fall-protection to ensure the loads are transported smoothly and safely. With integrated lifting lugs and hinged panels, this loading platform has an easy installation process. It can serve as a temporary working platform to increase productivity and safety at the jobsite. To know more, request a quote now!


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