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Pan Mixer Linosella

Pan mixer Linosella, fundamental help for optimal mixing, is also the best solution for homogeneous mixing of the material ensured by the particular construction of the metal blades. It comes in two different models the S 130 and the S 240.

PAN MIXER Linosella

  • Optimal mixing in less time
  • A fundamental help for optimal mixing of the material
  • Easy transportation
  • Easy moving around the factory, building site or work area and can go through the small-sized doors
Models: S-130 & S-240.
Category: Mixers
Range: 130 Lt and 240 Lt
About Linosella
During the years, the Linosella amplified and differentiated the range of concrete mixers, to immediately respond to new customers’ request, working on technical features as: different versions of concrete mixers (silent mixers, traditional mixers, portable mixers, towing mixer, hydraulic concrete mixers and special mixers).


We offer various capacity of the drum from 140 to 1500 litres, according to the model; availability of electric motors, or gasoline or diesel engines; the concrete mixers can be also equipped with 2 or 4 pneumatic wheels, according to the users’ needs.


The Linosella Company completed its production with complementary equipment, such as concrete vibrators, hoists, plaster sprayers and plastering machines.


The wide stock availability of all models of concrete mixer guarantees fast deliveries all over the year. Always careful to all the request of its customers, Lino Sella World is developing a line of accessories for concrete mixers that will complete the range of product presented to the customers. Modena Machinery provides wide range of Linosella Products.


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