Portable Concrete Mixer Senior 140
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Portable Concrete Mixer Dubai Linosella Senior 140

Portable Concrete Mixer Dubai Linosella Senior 140 has an important double use, cement mixer and wheelbarrow. It is the best solution for the interiors, thanks to its reduced noisiness, and after use the machine can be put back in its carton box

  • Compose of wheelbarrow type as the stand is optional.
  • Compact and portable for easy transportation.
  • Extra thick drum and chassis.
  • Enclosed single phase electric motor for easy use.
  • Heavy-duty sealed cast for longer life.


Models: Senior 140
Category: Portable Mixers
Range: 140 Lt
Lino Sella portable cement mixers have been created to ensure maximum simplicity and ease of use: they can be assembled and disassembled easily, in no time, and stored in small spaces.‎
The S1000 model is equipped with folding legs, it is light and easy to handle.‎
It can also be sold in a wooden crate or in a cardboard box according to the customer's needs.‎
The models Junior and Senior concrete mixers can be used anywhere.‎
Moreover, the Senior concrete mixer, to the accessory stand, has the double function of concrete mixer-
wheelbarrow and is ideal for internal works, renovations and small construction sites.‎


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