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Power Trowel Breaker

Power Trowel Breaker comes with an operator handle for easy maneuverability, protective belt, and adjustable blade system. The control panel fitted on the handle provides excellent operator comfort. Power floats are used to construct a smooth and dustfree concrete surface. We take no chances when it comes to your safety.

  • Applicable for casting concrete floors and offering excellent finishing up to the edge
  • Adjustable blade angle for better finishing and control
  • Foldable handle for better storage and transportation
  • Emergency switch on the handle for operator’s safety


Models: KC 90, KE 90
Category: Power Trowel
Range: 600mm up to 1200mm working diameters Gasoline & Electric

A concrete trowel incorporates propeller-shaped blades, with which, by the rotational movements of these propellers, polishes and smooths a concrete surface.

Power trowels incorporate an engine that is located in the center of gravity where the blades or propellers are located, thus providing more stability and balance.


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