Rescue Man Basket Skylift
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Rescue Man Basket Skylift

Rescue Man Basket Skylift used to transport injured personnel around the construction site. The basket manufactured with high-quality materials and our standard features are, Four Top Pad Eyes, First Aid Box, Foldable Stretcher, Internal Harness Points, Two Swing-outward opening doors with auto-lock system opposite of each other’s to ensure simultaneous entry and exit for the first aid provider with the stretcher, handrails on the sides. The Rubber roller wheels and the two fork pockets under the basket are optional. Skylift Lifting Man Basket designed and manufactured according to the BS EN 14502-1, BS EN ISO 10855, TUVSUD-SOP-25 international standards.

  • Designed to transport personnel safely at a high level or between two buildings in very close proximity.
  • Heavy-duty steel structure.
  • Fitted with an automatic open/close door complying with safety rules.
  • Strong tubular frame.
  • Certified & Tested by TUV SUD.

Rescue Man Baskets

Models: SKL 240 RB
Category: Rescue Man Baskets
Range: 900 Kg Capacity
Designed and built with safety in mind, the man baskets are fitted with a number of safety features including; non-slip flooring, auto-closing & lockable inward opening access doors, harness anchor points, hand rails and mesh panel sides. 
Our design team can design a man basket or rescue man basket platform to suit your exact requirements and can be fitted with fork pockets and/or casters wheels for positioning.
The Skylift Rescue Man basket Platform is fully compliant with BS EN 14502-1:2010 Regulations (Cranes. Equipment for the lifting of persons Suspended baskets).


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