Scaling Hammer Saxon Air Three Head
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Scaling Hammer Saxon Air Three Head

At Modena Machinery Trading LLC, we deal with everything related to construction and machinery. Over the years we have gained insight into what you would need to increase the efficiency, and output of your efforts. We supply only the most trusted brands like Saxon Air in the genre of hammers. Scaling Hammer Saxon Air Three Head scabbler is designed for medium-duty work in de-scaling, laitance removal, and concrete repair. The tools are made to the same high standards for reliable and durable performance as other tools in the range but are vibration reduced to allow the operator longer continuous use.

  • Self-closing lever throttles
  • Three head for bigger areas.
  • The tool incorporates a specially shaped handle for operator comfort and good control

Scaling Hammer

Models: MSG 3
Category: Scaling Hammer
Range: Three Head

Option of replaceable carbide tipped scaling heads or economical hardened steel single-piece pistons.

Beryllium copper spark-resistant heads for use in potentially explosive environments.

Ergonomic handle for ease of use – also available with a short handle and inline for tight areas.

Simple and robust design for low and easy maintenance.


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