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Plate Compactor Diesel Engine PTK 18 Palme

Plate compactor Diesel Engine are mostly used outdoors, before paving, for tightening up the soil, gravel, or stones. At Modena Machinery Trading LLC, we deal in all kinds of Plate Compactors from Palme, which manufactures the best-in-class, operator-friendly compactors that are affordable. They are high-performance vibratory plate compactors and can do all kind of compaction jobs efficiently. Moreover, they are versatile, designed with the ability to adjust and suit varied applications easily. The standard guide handle reduces vibration, causing less stress on the operator and making machines highly optimal. It is also foldable and removable, a key factor when working in confined areas or during transport. Due to its ability to move forward and backward, the reversible plate compactor can hover and deliver a high compaction force in a single spot.

  • Powered by reputable diesel engine's brands
  • Cast iron plate with GGG casting component
  • The unique exciter is well made with GGG cast iron component
  • The exciter and the casting plate are mono-block not separated nor welded
  • The exciter is transforming power with NJ series bearings with golden cage for maximum quality and reliability


Models: PTK 18/40VD - PTK 18/40 L - PTK 18/40 ANT
Category: Single Direction Plate Compactors
Range: PTK 18/40 with Lombardini Engine, Antor Engine or Vertro Engine
The plate compactor, vibrating plate, or tamper, has a large vibrating baseplate and is suited for creating a level grade, while the rammer compactor has a smaller foot.


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